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  • What is GUE and why is it different from other agencies?
    GUE stands for Global Underwater Explorers, a nonprofit diving training organization founded in 1998 by leading exploration divers and conservationists with the sole intent of educating divers to facilitate worldwide exploration projects. The entry level courses developed later developed expanded to cover all kinds of diving, always following a "begin with the end in mind" approach. Today GUE, still a nonprofit organization, is considered the gold standard in diving training not only by divers worldwide but also from its peers.
  • Why should I get my diving training with you?
    The short answer: Passion. The extended version of it is because we genuinely love what we are doing, our work is our hobby too, so we enjoy doing it. We prefer quality over quantity, and that means you will always have as much time as you need to achieve your training goals and our full commitment to help you in achieving your diving goals and dreams. Our goal is to give you the best possible education to become a competent and safe diver.
  • What is the free coaching day?
    We believe the best way to get to know us and experience the way we work is best done under realistic conditions. For that reason, we are offering you one free coaching day. There are no particular goals for this session nor any official training. We just dive together and give you some pointers on areas we believe that you can benefit the most. That way, you get to see first hand how we work, and we get to do what we love most, diving with a new friend. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your free coaching day. Schedule your free coaching day
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